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Raising funds for our on-ground work and other programs is a vital activity.

We were very successful in obtaining government grants in the past, raising $5 million over the past 20 years. However, with changing political priorities and budgetary pressures, we can no longer be reliant on government for funding.

We have therefore changed the focus of our fund-raising to the community and business, while seeking government grants when available.

We have established a sister organisation, the Big Scrub Foundation, whose sole objective is to raise funds for the restoration and ongoing care of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest. The Foundation is a registered not-for-profit charity that has endorsement to receive tax-deductible donations.

It has set up a permanent endowment fund that is invested to provide a permanent source of income to fund our activities. It has already received a $1million donation and generous bequest. We need donations and bequests to increase the endowment fund to $4 million to provide permanent income to fund the ongoing care of the rainforest we are restoring in the Big Scrub.

The Foundation will also receive donations to fund our ongoing programs.

For more information please contact our President, Dr. Tony Parkes on