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Re-establishing Rainforest


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Re-establishing Rainforest

The Re-establishing Rainforest Program is about restoring rainforest on land that was cleared long ago. We work with landholders to restore rainforest by planting and natural regeneration to create new patches of rainforest, to expand existing remnants, to connect remnants and to convert camphor laurel forest and other weed infested areas to rainforest. This increase the area of rainforest habitat and facilitates landscape connectivity and species movement. To date, we have facilitated the planting of about 1.5 million trees across the Big Scrub region, leading to the re-establishment of more than 300 ha of rainforest and increasing the area of rainforest by 30%.

Our genetically diverse seed plantation project will avoid species in-breeding and help to ensure the long-term resilience and viability of restored rainforest involving plantings.