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Science Saving Rainforests Program

Partnering with Australia’s leading rainforest genetic scientist and Australia’s leading research ecologist, this project will use the latest DNA analysis techniques to guide the development of a plantation to produce seed to grow planting stock with optimal genetic diversity for use in plantings in the ecological restoration of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest. This will avoid in-breeding and help ensure the long-term viability of rainforest restoration plantings. The project will lead the world in ecological restoration practice.

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Watch Making a Vision of Genetically Appropriate Seed Production areas a Reality: Dr Tony Parkes BIG SCRUB LANDCARE | SERA Conference 2018

Watch Genetic Integrity in Bush Regeneration: Dr Linda Broadhurst CSIRO | BSRD 2016

Read about Restore & Renew, one of Australia’s most future focused research projects, applying the very latest genetic technology to conservation. Big Scrub Landcare’s Science Saving Rainforest program is an extension of the Restore and Renew program.